First reason why you need a capable carpenter is cost. Now, you might be wondering how the more expensive and skillful carpenter will save you money so hear me out. When you hire a cheap unskilled worker, the chances that his or her handiwork is shoddy. This means it will break down much quicker. Which would mean that you'd have to spend again to have it fixed. Whereas if you hire the skilled one, the workmanship is of a much higher quality, and the chances of it breaking down lessens. Which means no more extra costs to hire someone to fix it again. Makes sense? Basically with an inexperienced carpenter, your costs may double since you might have to hire him or another again to fix it all up... again.


The third reason why you should hire a skilled carpenter is for safety's sake. Imagine you need your staircase "re-stepped" or replaced. If you hire an unskilled carpenter, they might finish on time, but the quality is suspect. Now, if those steps give out while you or a loved one is on it, well, I shudder to think of the consequences. But with a skilled carpenter? You can be sure the steps are made to the highest standards and that you can run up and down the stairs for as long as you like, without hearing so much as a creak from it. Tight tolerances and exact measurements are key.

So before you jump the gun, or the nail gun as the case may be, be sure that you choose a carpenter close to you that is skilled and experienced. Carpentry companies are a good place to look, and if ever something goes wrong, these same companies will surely have insurance or back up plans whenever things go awry.
The second reason why you should hire an experienced carpenter is just that, experi

ence. Many inexperienced individuals, who can be downright shifty, will do anything to enhance their experience and make a quick buck in the process. If you need a complex project done, the inexperienced carpenter (even if he knows nothing about the project) will still tackle the project. This would mean the job would take longer, the chances of it breaking down is higher and many more risks. However, with an experienced worker, you can be sure that he or she knows what they are doing and will deliver quality work you can count on for years to come.